05 Aug 2017

Moving the blog

Well, it was never going to last forever. I have abandoned this blog. The content has been migrated over to my new blog, and new posts are being added there. Move along, nothing to see here...

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07 Aug 2014

I'll come in again

Well, I did sort of start writing some blog posts last year, mainly about technical stuff that might be useful to others (and to myself when I forget). But at some point my MovableType installation became a bit ... confused ... and at the same time the company behind MovableType started seriously de-emphasising the opensource version. So I decided to have another look at blosxom, recommended by Steve, which is a very no-frills approach to blogging. I'm liking it, and hope this extremely basic design will mean I actually post more.

Hopefully I won't be too lazy to migrate my old posts across, including some unpublished ones.

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