14 Aug 2014

A month off

One nice thing about working for ARM is that once every four years, you get four extra weeks of holiday in a year - called a sabbatical. Especially with the British scepticism with regards to longer normal holidays, this makes for a very welcome break.

Last time I spent those weeks working in the garden, helping rig the Cambridge Beer Festival, attending the Cambridge Beer Festival and helping tear down the Cambridge Beer festival.

Being in my 9th year of employment with ARM, I now have my second one coming up, and I'll be spending it with Maria in the US, traveling aound a bit.

We will start out in San Francisco, before flying over to Denver, drive up to Estes Park (and stay there for just over a week), and then back down to Boulder. Then we commence the road trip: to Colorado National Monument, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Durango (taking the narrow-gauge railway to Silverton), Las Cruces (New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute), Big Bend National Park, Fredericksburg and arriving in Austin where we hang around and meet up with various friends. Then flight back to SFO and straigt onto Linaro Connect.

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